Monday, February 20, 2006


Last night I went out. I met some friends at Capitol, and it was grand. Firstly it was grand because the waiter was psychic, so while I looked confusedly at the wine list thinking "I don't really feel like wine, having sat around drinking it in the sun all afternoon with the splendid Tinks and Cathy", clever waiter suggested a gin and tonic, which was BANG ON. Yum.

We had to eat quick, so as to get to our movie. To be honest the menu didn't look that inspiring, lots of pasta and seafood. I went for a small dish of the tagliatelle with prosciutto. It was DELICIOUS. Amazingly delicious, and huge. Everyone else enjoyed their food too, so it was a winner place. And the entire experience only set me back $22, which is a bargain. And psychic wait staff are a rarity, so big ups for that.

Mmmmm tagliatelle with prosciutto.

After tea we went to Walk the Line at Reading. I totally rate Reading for the beautiful big seats. As a person of shortish stature I can never see over anyone's head if they're in front of me at most movie theatres (esp Rialto), but Reading is sweet. They should have had more ticket staff on though, there was a queue of about 20 people, which sucked.

I enjoyed the movie. It was very romantic, and Joaquin Phoenix is hot. Actually I feel a bit like Johnny Cash is (was) hot too, which is quite weird.

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