Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Stamp tanty.

I'm trying to be grown up about this, but my technorati ranking keeps falllllling and falllllinggggg.

Not fair! It doesn't seem to notice half the people who link to me.

I try not to give a stuff, and reassure myself that it must do it to everyone else as well, but what is the fricking point if it doesn't notice all the cool new links I'm so very proud of?




I've been trying not to write this post for about 3 weeks, but a girl can only handle so much BEING IGNORED.

Damn you Technorati (who I'm not linking to), I hate you, but I crave your attention.



Whining over. I'll go and do something adult now, like online shopping. For cool stuff. Like linen. Mmmm linen.


hers said...

I gave up on all this stats business a while ago. I'm not very good at being cool so I decided that anti-cool might be more me?

miss_seph said...

man, you should look up my ranking on that blogosphere ecosystem thing, then you'll KNOW what uncool is in blog ranking.

It's me!


Perhaps we should start one big blog with mini blogs that have us all, so that we can all share our readership, and then we can win awards and stuff, and Llew will finally get the glory of winning, I will feel cool, and your coolness will finally recognised by all!

Martha said...

You may be onto something there. We could aim to win a bloggie, and as soon as we do, close the blog down citing creative differences, and leaving our fans GASPING.

Martha said...

Geez, I've just realised I haven't linked you! Here is me whinging about technorati rankings, and I forget to link my regular blog reads.

All mended now.


ben.run said...

A lot of links have the rel='external nofollow' so search engines, and I expect Tecnorati, will ignore then.

Urban Chick said...

same 'ere

positively plummeting

but have you seen your blogshares? they are most likely more favourable

and who doesn't like to believe the most favourable-to-you poll?

[of course, i couldn't care about these things **returns to statcounter to check our weekly stats**]


Martha said...

I resisted caring about stats for ages, but then you just sort of get a bit carried away with them eh?

I'm happy today though, as I've now a Crawly Amphibian, whereas yesterday I was only a Flippery Fish. Crawly must be better than Flippery.