Tuesday, February 28, 2006

On a school night

Last night I went to an orientation gig. That's right, on a monday! Orientation!

I was a bit perturbed as I walked the familiar route to the Student Union building that it is 15 years since I first went to university. Old old old.

I didn't feel old at the Bats gig though. There were lots of old groovers, and a few young groupies too. It was a lovely show. They played some new stuff which rocked, and all the old faves (best of the night Smoking Her Wings).

And I had a beer. And my sister and I grooved.



The Editter said...

It is 20 years since I first went to university. But only 1 year since I last went. Vic both times. Which means all the 1st time students had ID #s starting with 3000 when mine started with 1986. Yikes.

Martha said...

3000? What's with that? Are they from the future?

My Victoria one starts with 1991, and my Massey with 96.

Although based on last time I did a Massey course, I'll be far from the oldest this year. I hope.

Emily said...

Wow editter, the same thing has happened to me this year - and the lady giving out Student IDs even made a Very Witty Quip about it along the lines of "Wow, you've been here a while haven't you?"

However there is one person in my class with an ID starting with 1962, so that made me feel much better.