Saturday, February 04, 2006

Filthy ladies

I went out last night with a group of friends. They are former workmates of mine, and when I worked, we'd go out every Wednesday to the Backbencher, and every month for food. They're a very cool gang, and can always to be relied on to out drink me. Last night was no exception. The exceptional factor was all the talk about men, and more specifically men's appendages.

We started the evening at Liquidate, which is near their work. I finally got to try South Gin, and very nice it was too. The place was empty by about 7, so I'm guessing it isn't the hottest spot in town, but it was pretty great for a rowdy group like us.

We moved on to Boulot at about 8. There weren't any tables available so we squeezed ourselves into the corner and admired the hot staff. There was much discussion of the merits of Gabe vs Enzo. I'm a married woman, so obviously didn't notice (GO ENZO!).

I drank Plymouth gin there. It was good. Lots of gin didn't seem to add up to a big hangover, so perhaps I've uncovered the secret to going out.

Eventually we scored a table. My lamb was bloody delicious, although lacking salt, but since I'm such a healthy thing I coped.

We had to head home to relieve the babysitter, so didn't get to watch all the Seven's fans being silly buggers. I did see quite a lot of girls in tutus pashing boys in dungarees on the way to the car, and some pretty choice spewing in the New World carpark. It was pissing it down, so I don't think I would've missed too much.


Jo Hubris said...

I used to be Team Enzo, spurred on by the obvious hotness, and the time he described the sensation of biting into a fresh tomato right off the vine, but I think I'm a little swayed towards Gabe now, on account of the incredibly drunk service he gave us a couple of weeks ago where he tried to top up my wine glass when the lid was still on the bottle. Ideally though, I'd like to have them both. At the same time would be fine.

Mike said...

I'm surprised by the earlier comment of not wanting meet Sevens fans, sounds like your lot are the perfect match/companion to such people :-)

Um, when did it rain?

Tom said...

I supposed it's now acceptable to comment on Ra vs Nina. Nina has some wonderful qualities, but as far as I'm aware, she has never appeared in a hip-hop video wearing gold hotpants.

Though Jo has the right idea: why be restricted by binary thinking?

Jo Hubris said...

It was quite amusing last time I went there with all male workmates so they were perving on the waitresses instead of having another girl to perve at the boys with. Who are Ra and Nina? I really like the dark haired waitress who pulls up a seat beside you to take your order, although I also admire the spunk of the girl who wears hot pants and pulled up socks frequently. In fact, if I was forced to sleep with anyone who worked at Boulot, I don't think I'd be too upset.

Martha said...

I think young hottie waitress was behind the bar. She was luverly, and we shared a joke at the expense of the male barman. He was very pissed off.

Tom said...

Ra (short for Rahwa, I think, but not sure of the spelling) is the Sudanese/Eritrean/Ethiopian (complicated life story) waitress who used to be at Neat. Magnificent figure, killer cheekbones and breathtaking smile. She's in a video for a cheesy hiphop song "Freak in the Club". Nina also used to work at Neat, and is a real sweetie with a cute squeaky voice.

But I'm with you on Ms Hotpants & Socks.