Thursday, February 02, 2006


I'm watching ummm Top of the Pops I think, and A-ha is playing Sun Always Shines on TV (not their finest hour in my humble opinion), and Morten Harket doesn't seem to have aged quite as much as me in the last 19 years, and by jingo, doesn't he look exactly like Fergus who used to be on Shorties? Which was probably almost 19 years ago too - given when I last watched Shorties.

Really good stream of consciousness blogging from the girl who had Pimm's and chocolate for dinner.


Urban Chick said...

morten and mags have aged very well indeed - sadly, i can't say the same for pal...he looked decidedly wizened (sp?)

oooh, chocolate and pimms for dinner? divine!

Martha said...

Pal was my favourite when I was a girl.

Chocolate and Pimm's was lovely for dinner, but pretty crap for sleeping and morning jogging. Still, worth it I think.