Monday, February 27, 2006

Goodness gracious

My dear friend Nikki is walking 100kms for Oxfam. They walk around Lake Taupo with a whole lot of other teams.

It is such a mighty good cause, and they're such terrific looking women, that I think you should all donate a penny. You could buy some needy people a goat with your money! Now that is something to think about. Although personally I'd prefer a cow. Goats have those freakish eyes, whereas cow's eyes are beautiful. Except when you're dissecting them in 4th form science.

Here is the link to the team website.


Domestic Goddess said...

Yes great cause my Chrissie presents this year contained many chickens, goats, books and fields of beans plus you then get a quarterly letter to say what they are doing with your donation. Makes one feel all squishy all over again.

Mr Reasonable said...

Neat dissection - we just had to do worm testicles, I kid you was a bit cruel dropping them in boiling water, alive, prior to the slicing but I guess that is better than alive...can worms cry?