Friday, February 24, 2006

Pizza mission

Last night was a bit of a doozy on the booze front. My parents went to Australia last weekend, and last night we drank their entire supply of wine. Mmmm, it was very good. Then we had whisky. And I feel fine today. My detox programme seems to have worked. Let me know if you're interested, it was painless and didn't involve any fasting or broccoli juice.

I am sufficiently hungover though to read Stephen and DPF's post about pizza and almost die with pizza craving.

My favourite is the Mediterranean Food Warehouse.



Kate said...

Do you need to replace your parents' vino? Maybe a tasting/buying trip to the wine country is in order.

I'm in love with the Wairarapa over summer. If only the hill wasn't so big.

Martha said...

I'm eyeballing, the hill is a turn off for me too. My parents have a fab house there for us to stay in.

Kate said...

Have you tried Scenic Cellars. I always stop by when I'm in Taupo and spend money I don't have.

Martha said...

I've heard of them, but never ordered from there. My main detox secret was not drinking wine. I stuck to beer or spirits, so I'm going to try and stay away from wine as much as possible still.

Kate said...

Did you see Sifter's post linking to Two Chaps Talking? They have some good advice on what not to drink to avoid the nasty hangovers.

I can't seem to say no to a good rose or bubbles.

Martha said...

Brilliant. I think I'll have to stick to gin. It seems to suit me best.

Martha said...

Mind you, not being woken at 6am would help quite a lot.

stephen said...

If you come to Auckland, I can thoroughly recommend Al Volo. Woodfired authentic bla bla.

However the best pizza as far as I am concerned is the one I make myself. I got a cheap-arse pizza stone from the "weird shit aisle" at Foodtown (you know, the one where they put dodgy marked-down items that weren't good enough for the Warehouse). I use Alton Brown's pizza recipe. And I make sure the oven is as hot as it possible can be. What are second-degree burns when compared to the pleasure of a perfect crispy bottom?

My hangover avoidance technique is to stick to drinks like mojitos and caipirinhas. Delicious fruity drinks with white spirits means you get your vitamins with your alcomohol and Bob's your uncle.