Friday, February 17, 2006

Telly gazing

Sometimes when you're feeling a bit unwell, and you've cleaned the house and put the baby to bed, you turn on the telly. Eventually the Winter Olympics morphs into a show that has a certain portion of advertorial content. I know, time could be better spent.

Now, you remember those luminous spheres from the 90s? Well they've turned into lustrous pearlised particles. Just thought you should know.


kitty said...

I'm glad it's not just me that does that sort of thing.
I have every second Monday off work, and I'm thrilled there's a straight run from Dr. Phil at 1pm through to Martha at 3 (not you, the other one). There's of course lots of vigorous vacuuming and cup-of-tea-making in the ad breaks.

Urban Chick said...


luminous spheres and pearlised particles??

i know i slept away a fair chunk of the early 90s when i should have been at lectures, but...

Martha said...

Don't fret Ms Urban, "thousands of luminous spheres" is an oft quoted line from and infomercial here in New Zealand.

In fact my uncle and aunty's band had a best of CD called - you guessed it - Thousands of Lumiinous Spheres