Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I'm scared mummy.

Bloody hell.

I came back from a lovely night at the beach and my computer wouldn't connect. It is fair to say that this was my worst nightmare. It always amazes me that the wireless thing works at all, so the thought of having to repair it puts me in mortal terror.

Thanks to a very nice lady at Telstraclear, and great deal of talking me through things, I am back online.

Oh thank god. I never want to have to go inside the bowels of this computer again. It is scary.


hers said...


Turn off machine.

Unplug all devices.

Plug them all back in again.

Turn back on.

Works 90% of the time.

Violet said...

hers is right - it does work most of the time.

Those nice people at TelstraClear are damned hard to get hold of on the phone, but they are helpful if you can bear the wait time.

Martha said...

Yeah, I think all the plugging in the ISP number and checking the DOS screen didn't do feck all. I unplugged the modem and router and then plugged them in, and rock n' roll. We're back in action.