Monday, February 13, 2006

Last week I had a running breakthrough. I suddenly went from running 16 minutes to running 25. This happened on Wednesday, and I was so excited. The run was so much easier. I didn't write about it for fear it wouldn't last - AND IT DIDN'T. Bastard body.

My last two runs have been crappage. I have no idea what factors made it easier. I suspect the fact I hadn't been out for almost a week actually helped.

So here I am, all sweaty and feeling crap after this morning's run.

I think perhaps my good run was due to a hit of endorphins, and it was my first hit, and like that Duncan MacDonald dude said about P "you'll keep trying to get that first hit again, but you'll never find it".


The Editter said...

Darren McDonald? I remember that news item he read about some Calendar Girls type story (older women do semi-nude calendar to raise funds) and he said "and I bet that's all they'll raise". Dickhead. As well as P-head, as it turned out.

Martha said...

Yeah, Darren, doh. I thought Duncan didn't have the correct air of bogan about it.

What a tosser. said...

I'm not sure about the whole "P" thing, but in running you will defiantely be able to get that buzz back! The special technique is to just keep on running :)