Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Tip for aspiring joggers

Believe it or not, Shihad is the key to running.

And Simon and Garfunkel is the key to walking very slowly.


Violet said...

I believe you. I used to run, and definitely ran better with a high-tempo song in my head.

noizy said...

I too find that easy to believe.

might be a bit tricky moving the legs in time to some of their more stop-start riffs though.

"Screwtop" springs to mind, as does "I Only Said" (tricky 5/4 beat - would need an extra step in there, somehow)

Martha said...

I was almost sprinting when "My Mind's Sedate" came on. But then the Simon and Garfunkel began, and I very nearly went to sleep.

Kate said...

I wouldn't call myself a hard rock chick, and certainly not a metaller. But Shihad is hot! I'm so proud they're from Welly.

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