Saturday, March 18, 2006


Just thought I'd take a moment away from the 1st birthday celebrations here at Harland Headquarters Inc. to mention the Commonwealth Games.

Good on all our clever wee athletes, all surely shagging each other merrily at the games village.

I was watching the synchronised swimming before. Always a sucker for a little synchronised interpretive dance, I thought, you go girls! But you know what? They were doing the singles.

Singles synchronised swimming? It was very very odd. And I have to say, abosolutely hilarious.


Mr Reasonable said...

Happy Oneday! I've just checked my first posting and it was 15th March 05 - I thought it was May sometime; boy how time flies and what a year! What the heck are we going to write about for another year?

Martha said...

Thanks Mr! I'll probably just keep writing shit. That is all I aspire to really.

Can't believe you're older than me, you look so young.

Brena said...

Happy blog birthday!

Please keep writing shit :-)

Martha said...

Thanks Brena, I'll see what I can do.

David said...

Happy blogday M.

And is singles synchronised swimming just a matter of splashing about in the pool? Cos I can do that.

Martha said...

Cheers David.

You need to point your toes. That is very important.

llew said...

Do you think one guy is shagging both those synchronised sisters?

OK, weird question, but I thought someone ought to answer it.

llew said...

Oops... I mean ask it... although that does presuppose someone might answer it.

Martha said...

No, I think it is probably some twins shagging them. Ah the games they could play.