Thursday, March 16, 2006

My life as a holiday

I've been trying to act like I'm on holiday all the time. Today was easy.

First we went to the zoo. As you may have noticed in the past, I love the giraffes.

march 2006 010

And Finn and Frankie held hands, which was very cute, and we mentioned how nice a civil union would be.

march 2006 012

After kindy we walked home along the beach.

march 2006 015

and as I was taking the photos the kids went running...

march 2006 025

... and now they have very wet feet.

Which is very holidayish. And since I haven't got the new oven yet, we'll have takeaways or bbq or frozen meals, which are all very reminiscent of holidays also.


Jo Hubris said...

Are you sure you didn't photoshop the boys together? Cos otherwise that's just too cute and makes me want to have babies plural, and we can't have that.

Martha said...

If only I knew how, I'd do all sorts of cutsey rainbow and fairy stuff.

Or staunch boys as WWF wrestlers.

Mr Reasonable said...

We have never managed to get both kids together in one picture with both of them smiling at the same time. Photoshop is king.....but that picture of me with my arm around Kylie Minogue, now that is genuine I tell ya....

Oh, my word verifcation is "aobbaa". Spooky, as that is the noise I was making at the time. What I meant to say was "Hey Kyles, wanna get it on?".

caroline said...

Too, too sweet. I love giraffes too. They have really scary tongues though.

Happy Birthday!

Anna said...

Did ya know that giraffes communicate at such a low range that when we think they are silent, they may be gossiping away at our expense!!?!? I guess you probably knew this, being a fan and all.