Monday, March 20, 2006

Homer erghhhhhhh

As in "Hot Tip for Delicious Treat"

De Winkel's Greek yoghurt with prune and orange.

Of course you have to like greek yoghurt, prunes and oranges, but if you do...erghhhhhh


Johnny Diesel said...

Very keen to find out which Post Punk band I am Marth, but having a few probs with the link. No matter. Life goes on. Suspect I'd be something a bit more electronic. Like Cabaret Voltaire. Always been a bit partial to bleeps and beats. Haven't visited your blog in a while, but glad to see you're still going strong. Where else would I find out what's happening in south central Pet One!? White trash indeed...hardly!

Another night spent avoiding Desperate Housewives. What's with that show? I just don't get it. Haven't a friggin clue why...

Great to find you in fine spirits.


Martha said...

hey! Do you think that I'm really The Pop Group? Maybe A pop group, but I'm just not sure. And I can't believe I didn't get PiL.

I've fixed the link, so fire away.

And don't do telly J, just say no.

Oy Vey said...


i think what's easier than my emailing you the code is for you to go into blogger and copy the code from the template. it's called the minima? i think. try that. i'm having wicked internets trouble, and it's taking an eternity to load a page. arggh