Tuesday, March 28, 2006

New blog!

Thanks for all your supportive comments. You may notice that Wanda Harland is a brand spanking new blog.

Looks ALMOST exactly the same, 'cept it is all new.

Like a Buffy-bot. Or a Marth-bot.


Oy Vey said...

wow, you're on tuesday already...

blog looks great. i don't see any problems. perhaps because i'm on firefox?

llew said...

How did you get all the old stuff in?

Martha said...

Thanks Oy, it looked fine on firefox, just explorer was bad.

And Llew, I copied the template before I re-did it, then just pasted all the bits I wanted to keep in.

Jo Hubris said...

If you had a martha bot, would you use it for the same purpose that Spike did? Or if you were shot by a ray from a crazy demon and split into two halves?

Martha said...

I'd leave the Martha-bot at home while I snuck out at nights.

Vicus Scurra said...

It looks good in both Firefox and IE to me. IE has a larger font. I know nothing about what controls this - it may be the end user's default settings in IE or Firefox that control this and that there is some default in blogger that applies in one browser and not the other, but that is just guesswork.
I did more extensive work on my template to get more stuff on the page, making the font big and losing the side margins. One chap from Scotland complained no end, but I can't see much wrong with it.
Anyway, enough tinkering with the cosmetics, let's get back to the content. For once, I agree with Caroline. Let's have some more foul language.

Urban Chick said...

what's new? what's new? (apart from your photo)

and please will you tell me how to do whizzy things like a customised banner thingamejig'n'stuff?

and then once you work it out, tell me how to buy a domain name, host untold gigabytes of stuff and run word press or movable type

i want to be cool - is that so wrong?

blah blah blah

Martha said...

Oh Urban Chick, I know. And I can't believe there are all these people in cyberspace NOT offering to help nice ladies such as ourselves.

Funny though isn't it, how you start to care. When I started this blog I thought I was clever enough just learning how to link. Now I want picture banners and all sorts of unnecessary silliness.

I just remind myself that at least on blogger there is help at hand.

Jessie said...

I like it. Well done!