Monday, March 20, 2006

Frozen food review

We're becoming somewhat more knowledgable about frozen foods.

They make you feel like crap, so please don't go eating too many, okay? They have that effect you get after eating aeroplane food, like you're a bit greasey, even if you went for a healthy option.

We all got terrible gas (mmm, attractive) after some Dik-something butter chicken and black eyed pea curry. It was yummy though, and we've had another since, which I made a salad to have it with, and it seemed better for our gassy-ness.

I had a thai chicken McCain's meal, and it was bloody good.

I had a Weight Watcher's lasagne, and it was bloody terrible. I was asking for trouble though I guess with a Weight Watcher's product. I just thought it might be less salty and gross. It wasn't.

I got one of those lasagne topper things, that you would usually only have when you're extremely drunk. The kids smeared it all over the house, so it was probably worth the $1.67 price tag for entertainment value.

And in summary. Just don't do it, okay? LOVE YOUR OVEN. Because you don't know when you'll accidentally sell it on trademe because you can't believe people would pay that much for a second hand oven...


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