Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A poll!

It has been some months since my last poll.

This one is entirely without a theme, and you may select as many answers as you like.

There may or may not be a review of the poll.

It will probably make some pop-up ads appear as I'm not paying $20 p/a to run some crappy polls.

I've done it in comic sans just to be irritating. I'm in a very belligerant mood.

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What would you rather do?
Get drunk Swim naked (hippy) Score Brangelina Blow up the goddamn telly - Police Ten 7? Hello! Drink coffee black Or with milk (pansy) With sugar? Need fillings? Buy a present for someone deserving in Petone


Vicus Scurra said...

I don't know what Brangelina, Petone or Police Ten 7 are.
I don't drink.
I can't swim, and am of the opinion that people of my age should get very explicit approval of all spectators before removing their clothes.
So coffee it is. Decaf. With soy milk. Please.
Shit, I am so old.

Urban Chick said...

ooh yes, naked swimming

i've had a thing about it since i saw 'iris'

it's good for the soul to feel the water dance around your bits, doncha think?

Jo Hubris said...

Ban comic sans!