Friday, March 24, 2006

All quiet on the western front (at the desirable eastern end of Petone hahahahahhahahahah)

Trinny and Susannah have unleashed the hell-demons on my poor unsuspecting husband.

Please don't tell him it is my fault (wearing those red shoes with black pants) that he has been vomiting all night long. It is best he thinks it is his fault for wearing t shirts to work everyday (horror!).

Consequently I think Wanda Harland may be a little quiet for the rest of the day, while I keep children out of the house and away from their toxic daddy.


llew said...

I think there is something going around. I was similarly afflicted the day I watched Serenity.

Martha said...

maybe it happens to men who watch Joss Whedon?

A Girl Running said...

I LOVE the progile pic. And the new stove...and especially those shoes, they are gorgeous

hope he feels better soon...wish my husband wore tshirts to work everyday - I am fed up to the eyeballs of ironing creases into the arms of crisp shirts! (I don't iron t-shirts)

Kate said...

I think the man needs ironing lessons ;)

Or those nasty wrinkle free shirts. (nasty)

Martha said...

We have a no ironing policy in this house. Of course we iron for weddings and job interviews - BUT THAT IS IT