Friday, March 31, 2006

The sun is a sunnin'

and the builder is a comin'.

We're getting rid of a window on Monday. The sun is streaming through it as I type. It seems very naughty to get rid of it, but all we can see is the neighbours house, and to replace it we'll have a spiffing new rangehood.

And I'll finally be able to cook fish without stinking out the place.


Guinness_Girl said...

Re: stinking up the place, have you heard of this crazy thing called the Lampe Berger? (Weirdly, it's pronounced "lamp berzhay...if that phonetic attempt worked at all) You light it, let the flame go for a bit, then put this crazy cap thingy on it and it seriously eliminates all odors. Even fish smells! I adore mine.

Martha said...

I've never seen one before, they look quite stylish. I'm not allowed to find an alternative to the rangehood now though, as we have spent a goodly amount of money alreaddy!

Perhaps I could start importing them? They look vastly superior to anything available here.