Saturday, March 18, 2006

Excuse me while I kiss this guy

So I'm a bit hungover.

We went out until LATE. And drank wine. And ate beef (although I proclaimed in my drunken state to have never enjoyed lamb so much. The shame. I'm still cringeing).

I'll tell you our fabulous meal eh?

Started with garlic grissini thingies and olives.

Then stuffed zucchini flowers (battered and deepfried) and a beetroot salsa/salad yummy item.

Then we had beef. It was massaged with a tapenade and green peppercorn and anchovy and yummy thing paste, then left to think about things for a few hours before being cooked til rare. It was so good and I'm so embarrassed about the lamb comment. I was confused okay?

And with it we had a pumpkin bake with parmesan, and green beans.

Ohhh. It was so yummy.

And fruit tarts for pud.

And lots of delicious wine.

We took a Hardy's shiraz, which got 5 stars from Cuisine and was a veritable bargain, but I'm holding it responsible for the hangover.

And the company was lovely. And brought back our car today, which made life very easy.

And today we had more lovely company and a barbeque, and now I'm ready for bed, but will probably watch Buffy. Although the synchronised swimming is on at the minute.

And so endeth a hungover rant.


Mr Reasonable said...

I used to have curry on a Friday night after work in a little place near Liverpool Street Station where the menu consisted of Meat or Fish. If you asked what meat it was the answer was "Not Fish".

Martha said...

Must have been a tough call. Fish in a joint that doesn't know about meat? Or meat.

Did you see League of Gentlemen? Ahh Roysten Veyse... they ate meat. If you haven't seen it, give it a watch.

stephen said...

Meat 5p.
Named Meat 10p.

Oy Vey said...

good god, that meal sounds good.

(leave the lamb, though. too gamey for my tastes).


i want some.

Martha said...

Doppelganger! I can't usually tolerate lamb either, which is why I thought it was remarkable it was so delicious. And then it was beef after all.

I'm such a dunce.