Thursday, March 02, 2006


My first class was last night. I'm happy to report it was great. The lecturer is very cool, and the classmates seem very onto it and not annoying.

This all contrasts greatly to my last contact course 5 years ago. We had a new lecturer who had been appointed in a hurry as the last one took off. She wasn't familiar with the material, but didn't change it either, so you'd get an overhead with "don't know what that means, oh well". We weren't allowed to use powerpoint as it was a bit too tricky, so had to use overheads. It was all a shambles. The only reason I didn't complain was the nice grade I received. Good grades buy my silence. My classmates were a motley lot too. About half had a very minimal grasp on english. They were the ones I liked. All the rest were stroppy old buggers. Apart from Trina. She is ace.

So I was very happy last night to find whiz bang technology and a lecturer who writes her own notes.

Although I have 5 or 6 presentations and 2 essays over the next 3 months, so the old blog may suffer a little.

Stick with it though folks. I'll still write about shit.


Kate said...

Glad to hear you've got good sorts in your class.

My sister's taking philosophy and has the same lecturer my brother had about 15 years ago.

In the past she's really only done 101's, education and sports papers, so she's feeling a bit out of her depth.

Martha said...

Man, I did 100 level philosophy. Hated it. I'm not really a deep thinker. I went to 7/36 classes, and still managed a B+, so tell your sister not to sweat it!

Kate said...

haha - my sister wasn't the brightest flower on the bush, but she's grown into a very shiny pretty apple. ;)

(yes this was a very odd analogy)