Thursday, March 09, 2006

Bad Willow

Oh yeah baby.

In this house we have a couple of rules.

1. No starting a Buffy episode after 9.15pm

2. No more than 2 episodes in a night.

Tonight it is 9.25pm, and we've watched 2 episodes with 2 to go until the final of series 6.

Whisky poured (again), and a long night on the cards.

Bad Willow is irresistable.

With a rebel yell.


The Editter said...


*random whisky generated by random comment*

Martha said...


Oy Vey said...

i'll second the 'laphroiag!'

cheers. i wish it was 9pm. you're making me thirsty. for scotch.

Alan said...

A whisky is prescribed after witnessing the angry blank black eyes and power-veined skin of bad-Willow.

Have you seen the flensing yet? A shock, that one.