Thursday, March 09, 2006

Which brings me to...

my great plan.

You know the whole "pay it forward" thing, where you do a good deed, and someone else does and yada yada yada, the world is a better place.

I think that the world would be a better place if when someone said something really really stupid to you, you just poked them in the eye with your finger.

It would have multiple benefits:

a) you would be able to recognise stupid people by their sore eyes

b) you would get some relief from all the pent up rage from putting up with stupid people

c) like animals, the stupid people would learn to stop saying stupid things. Instead of being the pokees they'd become the pokers, until all the world was good.

Nobody is allowed to poke me in the eye because of the grammar in this post. I'm exempt.


hers said...

In one of my (many) lines of work I meet up with stupid, unreasonable, unlearned, un-teachable people..

I would love to poke them in the eye with my finger; a sharp stick; or any bl*%%$# thing that woke them up...

And when I calm down I just thank my lucky stars that I am not that f#$%^&* stupid.

And then I breathe deeply.

Martha said...

yeah, me too. I haven't really started the pokey eye strategy. I usually just go with the "their head would be a far worse place to be than mine" method myself.

Oy Vey said...

i love this idea. screw you, oprah! i've always toyed with the notion of kicking stupid people in the shins, but you're right, there's no immediate recognition of stupid people. your plan is much more efficient. good work.

caroline said...

This is the finest idea I've read this decade.

duff said...

brilliant! can i spearhead the american movement? i could have gotten a very sore finger from all the folks who needed a poke in the eye yesterday.