Monday, March 27, 2006

Cezanne to Picasso

We went to Te Papa today to see the Cezanne to Picasso exhibit. Before you go in you're required to turn off your cellphone ("people have complained about them ringing"). I obligingly turned my phone off, but warned the guy that the 1 and 3 year old may actually cause more of a disturbance than Hawaii 5-0 beeping away.

The exhibition was very sweet. 14 dear wee priceless classics (priceless being worth more than me). I've heard people have been scathing about such a small exhibit, but I think that is incredibly mean spirited. These opportunities don't present themselves as often as I'd like in this country. I did think the title of the exhibition was perhaps a little grand. You might assume from it that there was a comprehensive display.

And the art? Finn thought quite a lot of it looked like robots. Fair enough really. Cubism has a lot to answer for. Beyond that I'm not even going to try. I didn't get a BA in Art History to be spilling my guts about art on a blog. Unless you pay me.


Make Tea Not War said...

We were going to go to that on Sunday- but there was not a single place to park :(

14 pictures sounds about right for my daughter's attention span. If I walk quickly.

Violet said...

I still haven't managed to get to that exhibition. I wonder how the Te Papa people feel about giant-sized baby buggies in their midst.

I only just realized how young your kids are; yet you still make it to evening shows. Does this mean that when my daughter gets to her first birthday I can start going out in the evening again?

Martha said...

Ha! I didn't get out much with my first baby, but you lose that terrible tired feeling second time around - or are better at tricking yourself.

It certainly helps once you stop breastfeeding too. I stopped at 10 months with both boys.