Friday, March 10, 2006

I'm more cleverer

Today I'm 5.71% more cleverer than I was yesterday. All because I brushed my teeth with my left hand. If you would like to be 40% cleverer in a week, the Guardian gives you some very simple tips here.

Which means each time I write whiskey in the future, I'll use the right spelling. Bloody spelling mutter mutter.


Em said...

Isn't it great how the "exercise" for Friday is avoid caffeine and alcohol. Yes you only have to avoid it one day a week! Hurrah. I love the British.

caroline said...

Are you saying I can't drink my body weight in cab. sav. this evening as I do most Fridays?

Tom said...

Notice that they only say "avoid" caffeine and alcohol, not "abstain" from them. I've been avoiding them all week, but those damn lattes and Martinis keep sneaking up on me when I lest expect them :-)

It's enough brain exercise just trying to read and type in those verification words: try "apxazkye" the morning after a pitcher of sangria!

Kate said...

"alcohol damages mental function" - no shit Sherlock.

I love sudoku.

Oy Vey said...

You were right on "whisky"...?

I thought that "whisky" refers to scotch and irish hooch and "whiskey" refers american hooch.

you were cool with the jameson whisky!

Martha said...

That was exactly what I thought, but it is written "whiskey" on the Jameson bottle, so my universe is in a spin.

Oy Vey said...

Aha! Here's the answer.

The Spelling of Whiskey Vs. Whisky

How should whisk(e)y be spelled ?

Whiskey, with an "e" is how the generic word is spelled when unconnected to a brand name. Most Irish and American distillers also use this spelling. Scottish and Canadian products are however spelled without the "e" as in whisky.

Martha said...

well done! I'll never remember though. It would be simpler if there was a european vs north american rule.