Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Eighties revival

Its the hmmm on the gingerbread
The icing on the cake
It's monuments and mirrorglass
The city's on the make

Devil take the high road
So no-one counts the cost
Such a sweet seduction


Wouldn't everyone like to please see Gloss again? The most glamorous New Zealand TV show ever.

We should start a movement.


Alan said...

I had a post-teenage mildly obsessive interest in Gemma (Miranda Harcourt).

Martha said...

I've always thought Peter Elliot is a bit of a hottie.

And I wanted to be Chelsea Redfern, but strangely never Lisa Chappell.

llew said...

Harcourt was/is one of those people who looked hotter in real life than on screen.

Chappell is hot!

But I don't think it will have aged well at all. And who was that Smith woman? I hated her!

I'd quite like to see Pukemanu repeated, I mean, who'd have thought that martinborough would become trendy all those years later?

Jo Hubris said...

Rumour has it Shayne Carter also had an obsession with Miranda Harcourt, hence 'She Speeds'.

I do believe that the word is 'gilt', but I always thought it was 'guilt'.

Bring back Gloss!

Vicus Scurra said...

Most glamorous New Zealand TV show.
Isn't that a bit like "Best English Cuisine", or "Most cheerful Welshman", or "Most Lucid US President"?

Oy Vey said...

sounds like Dynasty. good stuff!

Martha said...

yes yes yes! It was pretty funny seeing all the farmers in pretty frocks.

Kate said...

oh yes - sexy Rexy!

And Simon Prast with HUGE hair.