Tuesday, March 28, 2006

For goodness sakes

I've repasted in the entire code. It still looks bloody goofy in IE.

I know this is boring for y'all, but has anyone got any ideas so that I may go on with my happy blogging life?


Dee.run said...

I use Opera. But I just checked your site in Explorer and it looks basically the same the font is maybe a tiny bit bigger in IE but not very noticable. Everything else looks the same to me.

caroline said...

Goodness no, not a clue, but I enjoyed all the swearing in the last post :-)

Looks fine to me.

Martha said...

Dee, that's good, on my computer there were about 2 words a line!

Caroline, I have a filthy mouth which I usually manage to restrain.

Emily said...

Happy to help if you still want any! Drop me a line