Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Blues Clues

Sometimes on one of my secret trips to the Warehouse, I pick up a little something for the kids. Yesterday I got a Blues Clues video. This is the perfect purchase because it looks like something for them, but really buys me half an hour of free time.

I was quite surprised to see some English guy hosting it. They've changed heaps of the words too, which I quite like. You're not "smart" anymore, you're "bright", the notebook isn't "handy dandy" but "frightfully useful". Well perhaps I exaggerate a little. I like it, it is like dubbing but better.


llew said...

What is or are Blues Clues?

Martha said...

Small blue dog, clues, and there used to be a very cool american guy called Steve hosting it. He quit though. Apparently he was stoned a lot, which I believe you can tell. He now tours Lollapalooza or whatever the modern equivalent is.

It wasn't a very interesting post. Morning spent scone making and video watching, so not a lot to say.

Kate said...

I love the Queens tongue when it's used so lavishly (no dodgyness intended.... really... ok - maybe a little).

Anna said...

Eeek, can't stand ol' Steve - good they have his 'cousin' what-his-name doing it now. What about that weird rumour that Steve had topped himself? Pretty rude really.