Monday, March 20, 2006

I'm pop punk.

I don't know what this means.

Cheers to Stephen.

You scored as The Pop Group. The music of Bristolian band the Pop Group was a confrontational mix of jazz, funk and dub reggae filtered through punk rock. Their left-wing lyrics and innovative music are best heard on their 1979 debut 'Y'.

The Pop Group




Public Image Ltd.


The Slits


The Fall


Joy Division


Gang Of Four


The Teardrop Explodes


Throbbing Gristle


Cabaret Voltaire


Which Post Punk band are you?
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Oy Vey said...

83% The Teardrop Explodes!

Oy Vey said...

ha ha! and on the what high school clique are you in? quiz, i'm an emo kid!


Martha said...

I'm goth. I'm only 33% emo, but I don't have the foggiest what that means...

Domestic Goddess said...

Yes, but very early days. Not even friends know yet.

Martha said...

yay! Well done. I'm a bit jealous.

Alan said...

I get Joy Division. Which is exactly right.

I have, or have had, six of the 10 artists on my list in my possession at one time or another.


Meanwhile, I am predictably, a computer nerd overall in that clique quiz. It knows me too well. On the other hand, I am still also 60% emo kid (I had to look it up - make me an elderly emo kid.

Martha said...

I think I'm an emo kid too.

It is a bit difficult doing the high school clique thing, as computers barely existed in my school days. And if they did it was all about guiding a turtle around the screen.

That said, I did an Apple course when I was 11. We didn't have a computer at home though, and I went to Steiner, so really - it didn't teach me a lot.