Monday, March 06, 2006

The Oscars!

Tonight is Oscars night! And off to a soiree at Emily and Jan's house. There is a bit of a sweepstake to guess the winners, so I thought I'd share my expertise.

Now, I've only seen Walk the Line out of all the movies nominated, but I'm very intuitive, and I can sense which of the other movies will be good and awarded.

  • Memoirs of a Geisha doesn't deserve anything, as it was the most irritating book I have ever read.
  • Walk the Line should win everything.
  • Brokeback Mountain should win everything else. I've been reliably informed Brokeback Mountain would be too painful for me to watch.
  • Even though Walk the Line was great, and so was Reese Witherspoon, I really doubt she'll get (nor necessarily deserves) the Oscar. Felicity Huffman or Charlize Theron can have it.
  • And even though Joaquin Phoenix is HOT. Phillip Seymour Hoffman can have that Oscar, as he is an actor's actor. Joaquin doesn't watch his own flicks, and I have to say I think that is a little egocentric, as other people were involved in making the movie too, and probably would like their work appreciated.
  • Someone from New Zealand should win something so that we can gloat a little.


llew said...

You forgot Curse of the Were rabbit.

Martha said...

You're right. I haven't seen it of course, but it should definitely win best animated feature.

caroline said...

Haven't seen any of them but Hoffman looks amazing in the clips I've seen.
I too have been warned that I'll blub too much if I go Brokeback Mountain.

Violet said...

I was totally bored by the incessant descriptions of outfits

Violet said...

sorry, I meant, in Geisha.