Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Another Monday out!

Last week a genuine rock extravaganza, and this week a genuine party - on a Monday!

Strewth. Or streuth. Or strueth. Or WHATEVER.

It was a marvellous Oscar do. Emily and Jan had decorated with balloons. There were lashings of jaffas and snifters (those two will throw my international audience - jaffas are balls of chocolate with a orange candy coating, and snifters are chewy minty chocolatey goodness). There was popcorn and bubbly and party poppers. There was terrific company including a hottie in a red dress that would've made Chris de Burgh pee his pants.

Prior to the event we all voted online. I got 10/24! Must do better. D- performance. Slightly better than if I had've gone completely random, but not much.

Emily got 20/24, which means she should be invited to join the academy.

Today I've got a sugar hangover. I'm eating brownies and drinking coffee to try and get rid of it. It doesn't seem to be working.


Emily said...

If I was a member of the Academy, the results might have been somewhat different... lovely to have you there, start researching for next year.

Jessie said...

A sugar hangover?


hers said...

I think I would have come over just for the Snifters. they are my most favourite, ever, in the whole, wide, world, ever, favourite, ever, in the whole, wide, world, lollie.


I like Snifters.

So who won?

Jo Hubris said...

In my house, we get two votes for each - the one we want to win, and the one we think will. I got 25/48, with more on the think-wills. I loved those Oscars.