Wednesday, March 01, 2006

My wedding

Today doesn't mark any significant date. Although I heard someone talking this morning about the Rolling Stones last visiting in 1995, which is when Glen and I got together, which is 11 years ago. I was practically an infant.

We'd been together about 4 years when I thought we needed a good party. So I asked Glen to marry me. He was in Whangarei for Christmas, and I think he thought I was joking, because while I told everyone, he didn't mention it to a soul.

I began scheming, and invited 8 of my dearest friends and my sister to be bridesmaids. I thought I would wear a camoflage kimono, and they could dress as ninjas. My other plan for them, which they seemed quite cool on, was to dress them in horse heads and have them drawing my carriage whinnying and frolicking.

As the planning progressed I realised what a big undertaking a wedding is. And when I found out a marquee costs $3000, which we'd need in case it rained, I was severely put off the whole venture.

So we went to Vegas instead. It wasn't that quick, we didn't run away or anything. First I had to sell my shop. Which was great. It meant I didn't have to worry about coming back to a job, and I had some ping in my pocket.

We flew out on 3rd January. Our friends Audrey and Ben joined us in Vegas on the 4th. We had planned to get hitched on the 5th, but we were all so hungover that we didn't get out of bed til after 5pm, and so had to book the wedding by phone - all plans of checking out venues out the window.

We all went to Circus Circus for the famous buffet. It was TERRIBLE. And then Glen and I returned to the hotel to get ready.

We had to first go and get a marriage license at the Town Hall. Fortunately they stay open til midnight on a Tuesday (24hours in the weekend). Then we made our own way to the Silver Bell Wedding Chapel, and Ben and Org arrived shortly after. It was all very surreal. We had a black minister called the Reverand George L Cotton marry us, and Anthony Perkins in his Psycho guise worked at the chapel and took the pictures.

Wedding in Vegas

We cruised around Vegas afterwards in a limo. The driver was a total chatterbox which was a bit of a killjoy. But we started drinking again, and got back to the hotel at about 12.30am. We sat at tha hotel bar watching men pick up hookers, and I think had some breakfast at about 6am. Ben and Org had to catch a plane at 9.30, so they must have got about 7 minutes sleep.

Vegas hotel

I heartily recommend doing Vegas. It is fabulous, and with all the other leftover money that we didn't spend on a wedding we spent 3 months in Europe and Japan.

londonn underground


Kate said...

Gosh - I like your horse head idea, but Vegas is fantastic!
Esp when you get to spend the dosh on other exciting adventures.

littlesnoring said...

Sounds very cool - did you have something for the familia when you got home?

Anna said...

Yeah, cute pix. I see Aud dressed up for the occasion...hee hee.
What a great way to avoid a crowd of sloshed distant rellies at your wedding at home - buzz off to Vegas! Personally I buzzed off to Fiji for my wedding and that was fun too.

audreysan said...

ah, memories... it was totally ace fun in vegas with you guys and i wouldn't change a thing! oh, except maybe i'd omit the hung over panic-attack at 8.30am in the NYNY (yay!) hotel room-with-no-opening-windows (well, wouldn't anyone else have run downstairs through the lobby [ie:gigantic bustling casino] in pyjamas and stood sweating and gasping out with the valets?? no???). i'd also maybe have thought twice about wearing Mark Burroughs' father's trousers to your glam wedding ;) And sorry we were late but the Circus Circus "Horse-A-Round" bar as seen in the Fear and Loathing film just HAD to be tried. and tried. and tried again... LOVE TO YOU ALL xx ps. ben and fran's first baby is due in 10 days!

Martha said...

It was fantastic to have you guys there. I wouldn't change anything either, except the rampant hungoverness which has plagued my existence since that first 6 pack of Steinlagers when I was 14.

Give Ben and Fran my love.