Sunday, March 12, 2006


In a nailbiting finish, my stove sold on trademe for quite a lot more than I dreamed it would. We delivered it to the nice woman in Upper Hutt today, which left us only our crapper of an old bbq to cook dinner for guests on.

So we had burgers. Homemade, but burgers all the same.

At the supermarket I had the total shameful experience of buying frozen meals. I'm sure people were looking at me funny. Actually I suppose lots of people buy frozen dinners, which is why they have the damned things. But I don't.

We should have our new stove in a few days. I'll have to christen it with a long thing, that wouldn't have fit in our old oven.

And we've ended up not getting a smeg. Not because I dislike smegs, I love them, especially their pretty name. Just because a saucy Delonghi gave us the glad eye. Cheeky minx.


Oy Vey said...

that is a seriously beautiful stove. 9 burners! i'm green with envy.

David said...

I can honestly say that I have no idea what make of stove I use. I wouldn't even consider replacing it unless it was broken beyong economical repair. And I would never, ever, post a picture of it online.

I use the hot bits on the top reasonably often. But the section with the front opening door only gets a workout about once every year or two. Usually when I feel a need to bake a potato. Don't know why they bother with that bit.

Martha said...

and you admit this online?

What is the internet for, if not to post pictures of beautiful things?

David said...

But it's a domestic appliance! You might as well post pictures of your saucepans, or your washing machine.

Martha said...

but they aren't beautiful. Aren't you getting it?

Although if you'd like a picture of my Le Creuset griddle, I'd be happy to oblige. Foxy.

David said...

I'm aware that Le Creuset make saucepans, since my ex used to think that saucepan branding was important and therefore we owned a couple. As I recall, stuff used to stick to them like shit to a sheep's arse and they therefore needed a lot of vigorous washing up. The wok I bought from Woolworths doesn't have this problem since it is covered in teflon. And it's cheap enough that when the teflon gets all scratched and useless, you just chuck it and buy a new one.

But... I have absolutely no idea what a "griddle" is.