Sunday, March 05, 2006

The serious art of procrastination

On a procrastination centered day, as well as the usual stuff, you:

Make cooked playdough
Cook pizzas properly, with yeast and mozzerella you have to get from the shops.
Cook brownies
Fix the trike
Insist on hanging out the washing
Install some vital new software
Read the Sunday paper for the first time EVAH. And the Weekend Dom, cover to cover. In the name of research.

You know, piss around as much as possible


Alan said...


Although if anything, I was worse when I did my Masters. Becky would off to work in the morning; I would, er -surf the net- conduct research all day long until she got back.

That's what's made me the Jedi Knight of time-wasting that you see today. And blogging is, after all, the light-sabre in procrastination's armoury.

duff said...

right there with you.....i plan on puting off my necessary projects for as long as humanly possible today.

i figure catching up on everyone else's blogs should waste a good 2 or 3 hours....

Kate said...

My procrastination involves reading blogs... like this fantastic one! ;)