Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Why? WHY?????

I made my blog look gorgeous just now. I tinkered with the template and added a really cool picture, and I made my title huge and gorgeous.

I was so happy. It would probably have rocketed me to some kind of fabulous internet blogging personality status.

But fucking Internet Motherfucking Explorer made it look like a mental person had done it. That is not really the look I am going for, so all the rest of us must suffer.

Why can't everything please be standardised? Why do we have 3 sets of drill bits for all the different kinds of screws? Why do we have 3 kinds of foot measuring systems? Why the hell doesn't everyone speak english like ME? And why won't template changes on firefox look nice on IE.

Sigh. I daresay I'm not the first person to have to deal with this. Bastards.

Update. Oh my. It still looks mental in explorer. And I've undone all my changes. Cripes.


llew said...

On the upside, Hawkeye Llew can read this without his glasses....

Martha said...

It is your fault Llew. I tried to put a picture on like your Wilma, so I copied your code, and voila! Nightmare! I'm waiting for someone clever to tell me what to do, so that I don't have to erase all the edits.

Fuckity fuck fuck fuck.

Mmm, speaking of Hawkeye, we did a who'd you do the other day - Hawkeye or Honeycut?

And one for you boys. Hoolihan or Private Benjiman.

David said...

Brilliant! Almost makes it worth going back to IE.

Martha said...

Not helpful David, you're supposed to be helping me here.

llew said...

Ah yeah... that picture. I've only viewed it from one PC & it took ages! to adjust up & down & size wise, so it was on the banner (must be some way to anchor it).

But I suspect it'll be out of alignment when I check it from another PC.

Martha said...

I looked at yours on firefox and on IE, and it looked great on both. My blog always seems to go out of whack on IE when I twiddle with images. One day I'll be clever and know it all instinctely (i'm working on the ole osmosis thing, and sleeping with the laptop under my pillow).

llew said...

No doubt there is some helpful documentation someplace for all this sort of stuff. Like how to put borders around pictures, and everything ewlse I can't think of yet because I haven't thought of it yet.

Actually, blogger probably has useful help somwehere.

Urban Chick said...

how to put borders on pictures?

yes yes yes

i want to know this!

is it so much to ask?

heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp meeeeeeeeeee

Martha said...

yes, too much. I wouldn't have the foggiest. Anytime I try anything slightly out of the ordinary it all turns to shit.

Just a question of technology catching up with my needs I imagine.

Em said...

Um.... border="1"!

And I know this frustration, every day I have to deal with things looking different in different browsers - don't even get me started on how the f*** do you check it in Safari when you don't have a Mac... argh!!

No easy answers I'm afraid.