Monday, March 13, 2006


I can finally report on Chow in Petone.

I went for a few quiets on Friday. It was very stylish and the bar staff were friendly, although only one of them would've made it onto my hottie list.

The decor was wicked. Really cool old chairs and tables in the "lounge" bit.

I didn't eat, but my friend Megan went on Saturday for a date, and said it was delicious kai.

And I had some gins, which were tasty. How come a g and t is $7 and so is a beer? While a Pimm's is $10. All seems a bit inconsistent.

And I got myself into a position where I was very very hungover on Saturday, which is just uncool.


Alan said...

You're not the only fan of Chow, it seems.

Martha said...

I barely understand that. What language is it?

Alan said...

It's Unix.

I could translate (I've learnt a smattering of it as a Mac user), but mistranslation can cause erasure of one's disk. So I'd better not.

stephen said...

Ha ha ha chowned!

Good to see, though. Use it or lose it applies here - they've already reduced their weekend closing-times from midnight to 10pm, because they were haemorraghing money.